The Story of For the Record Productions

The story of For the Record Productions begins in the early 1990s.

Peter Reynolds Jr. was working as a freelance cameraman and editor for local and national broadcasters. His father, Peter Reynolds Sr. was an executive producer at CBC and had created two ground-breaking television programs, the Disability Network and Silent News.

These programs, which focused on serving the information needs of People with Disabilities and Deaf Canadians had a huge impact on their respective communities. For the first time in North America, two groups that had traditionally been ignored by mainstream media had a national voice.

The success of these shows inspired the two Peters to start For the Record Productions, a company that would specialize in telling the stories of people and organizations often neglected by mainstream media.

20 years later, For the Record Productions has grown to work not only with disability groups and non-profit organizations, but corporate clients and all levels of government – creating engaging video content that audiences will want to watch and share.