Turning a Hotel Room into a Green Screen Studio

Last weekend I was filming in Montreal and I thought I’d share a short timelapse video of how I turn a hotel room into a green-screen studio.

I often film in my hotel room as interviewees or talent can have schedules that don’t line up with local studios. It’s also a great way to keep costs down for my non-profit clients without sacrificing quality.

The main problem with creating a green screen studio in your hotel room is power. Traditional tungsten lights use a lot of it, and in the past I’ve had to run cables down the hall (a huge pain) to avoid tripping circuit breakers. However, I recently started using LED Light Panels which eliminates that problem entirely.

Throw in a laptop and portable teleprompter and you’re pretty much ready for anything. There’s even on-location catering a-la room service ;)

If you have any questions about the setup I’d be happy to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy it.