Social Media Marketing – with Karen Luttrell of Luttrell Communciations

When filming this blog I couldn’t believe how loud Cicadas (grasshoppers) could be! Something to consider if you need to film your next video outside on a hot summer day :)

Over the years I’ve noticed that non-profit organizations tend to forget about the importance of marketing their fundraising videos once completed. More often then not, it gets posted on their website and forgotten. What sense does it make to invest your organization’s money on a video, but only to have 50 hits on YouTube after a year?

To help our clients, we’re now working with Karen Luttrell of Luttrell Communications. Karen specializes in Social Media Marketing – using social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) to raise awareness and funds for your organization. In this post, Karen talks about what first steps organizations should take when using social media.

Karen and I will be speaking about using video and social media at the following events:

Social Media Week – September 23, 2013

Association of Fundraising Professionals Congress – November 18, 2013

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