Plan Your Next Video a Year in Advance

I’m in the process of  producing a video for an organization’s upcoming gala, and it made me think of the importance of planning your production well in advance – even a year before you’re ready to begin.

In this video we’re producing, the organization wants to showcase all the great things they’ve done in the community over the last year. But since we can’t go back in time, the only images or footage we’re going to have of those events is what the organization happened to get.

Unfortunately that tends to be random photos of the event or shaky video taken by an attendee. In both cases, far from perfect for our purposes.

So I would recommend for you to engage your video company long before you’re actually ready to produce a video. Ask them what you’ll need to provide when you’re ready to proceed.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as  good photos of a particular event or hiring a videographer from time-to-time.

This can also save you money, because it’s often more expensive to create something for nothing, rather than just filming the event in the first place.

Hope you found this helpful and good luck with your next project!

Peter Reynolds
For the Record Productions
Toronto Video Production for Non-Profits

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